Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 63

dryer make quick work of chores. Two wine coolers chill terior lighting with timers shows it off to its best ad- favorite vintages for when the work is done. vantage, even at night. IMPACT windows, hurricane ing around the pool area protects your privacy. This unforgettable property stands ready to serve The home includes customized mo- as the tranquil sanctuary for a well-trav- torized window shades on the first level, eled couple, an inviting spot for visiting a complete property security system grandchildren or an ideal home in with wide-angled cameras, two Wifi which a young family could grow. It zones, ultimate interfacing for iPhones awaits only you to make it a home. and iPads, whole house surround 7334 Tilden Lane sound and surge protection, a central $5,250,000 vacuum system and reverse osmosis water filtering. Three air-conditioning 10, 205 total square feet units maintain the perfect temperature For more information on this home and designer celling fans are found throughout the home. An automatic sprinkler sys- screens and manual shutters guards your invest- tem supports the professional landscaping and ex- ment in the event of inclement weather and fenc- please contact : Laurie Bellico, Broker- Associate, John R. Wood Properties, 239.293.9389 or email at Laurie@Laurie Bellico.com PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 61