Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 54

tural landscape. “A lot of artists like me are hesitant to take that first step [to show online], as it could look garish,” says Shray, a subtractionist sculptor who is collected widely and exhibited in galleries and museums. Shray’s sig- nature bronze sculptures are repre- sented by Emillions Art. “A lot of art sites make collectors nervous, as they think it devalues the work. Emillions doesn’t do this. Marlissa presents the artwork elegantly, using social media platforms to reach out internationally to create connections between artists and interested buyers.” Even as virtual art galleries widen the reach of the art-buying market, the art space still thrives in a brick- and-mortar, physical-handshake do- main. “I’ve met almost each of the artists I represent personally— Jim Salvati, California As a realist painter, Salvati utilizes texture to add emotion and depth to his panels. His paintings usually depict a lone figure, but are not so much portraits as they are snapshots of emotion in a sin- gular moment. His distinctive style can be seen in magazine editorials and advertising. Above: Bathing Cap, 30 x 20 in. Oil on canvas Right: Yellow, 12 x 20 in. Oil on canvas 52 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE