Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 53

the painting before him was the slightly smaller vari- ant to “Poison Oasis.” After being purchased directly from Basquiat in 1981 by its first owner, the “Untitled” Basquiat had been out of the country for almost 30 years. Now, Gardner’s aim will be to find a new col- lector for the 1981 painting—an ambitious buyer ready to add a very much-in-demand Basquiat mod- ern masterwork to their collection and the clout that comes with it. As the founder of Emillions Art, Gardner curates contemporary artwork acquired by discerning collec- tors. Gardner represents all genres and media, from print and paintings to photography and sculpture. Her ambition is to elevate these artists to a greater public arena—not solely to sell their work, but to get their work seen, and out there, and part of the cul- Above: Spirit, 20 x 13.5 in. Chinese calligraphy in ancient clerical script. Printed on high quality matte canvas Right: Dignified, 14.5 x 12 in. Japanese calligraphy in cursive script. Printed on high quality matte canvas Ponte Ryuurui, Japan Ryuurui’s substantive study of Japanese calligraphy, pho- tography, and digital editing culminates in his own complete art form: photographic prints of his masterful brushstrokes, honed by years of discipline and practice. Ryuurui is also a published author of poetry and calligraphy. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 51