Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 52

Untitled, 48 x 96 in. Oil on aluminum came to light during a conversation that started at Art Basel Week, where Dering and Gardner met provocative New York artist Al Diaz. Diaz was Basquiat’s graffiti collaborator during the late 70s, when the street artist duo was known as SAMO© on the walls of New York. Dering and Gardner arranged for Diaz to see the original painting with permission from the owner. When Diaz viewed the previously untitled painting, he was able verify its authenticity, provide insight into Basquiat’s symbolism, and link it directly to Basquiat’s well-known work, “Poison Oasis.” Diaz described that when working, Basquiat would often paint several canvases side-by-side. Diaz surmised Untitled Concave Dish, 48 x 48 in. Oil on aluminum Andreas Nottebohm, Texas One of today’s foremost metal artists, Nottebohm uses aluminum as his canvas to create optical illusions that have garnered him collaborations with Hughes Aircraft, iSearch Media, Geico, among others. He served in residence at NASA, which chose his work to commemorate the launch of the space shuttle Columbia. Nottebohm’s celestial pieces have shown at the Smithsonian, the U.S. Department of State, and museums and galleries worldwide. 50 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE