Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 51

appeals to different genres and tastes. “Ideally, it is wonderful to have collec- tors in all generations. Understanding their needs and desires due to genera- tional differences is part of the nuance of this world. Millennials are newer to the collectors’ world and are eager to be in touch with the artist—to know them through and through. They, as a culture, are very enticed by the full ex- perience,” maintains Gardner. Respected fine art and museum con- sultant, Jeffrey Dering, sought out Gardner precisely because of her inter- national network of ambitious collec- tors and buyers who are looking to graduate to the modern masters mar- ket. “I receive multiple calls from my international clients every week who wish to place masterworks into today’s marketplace,” describes Dering. “Marlissa has the unique ability to bring collectors to the marketplace and find the right buyers for rare works that are emerging onto the market.” One of the latest rare works, Jean- Michel Basquiat’s (b.1960-d.1988) “Un- titled (Variation on ‘Poison Oasis’),” Left: Soulmates, 13 x 6 x 6 in. Bronze Above: Balance, Life-Size, Bronze Shray Bronze, California Shray’s effluence of work stems from her instinct as a subtractionist sculptor. She can see the shape in the clay and strip away until her vision emerges. Her pieces have been collected by notable collectors worldwide and com- missioned by the Rockefeller family and the Churchill- Spencer family. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 49