Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 50

Gardner chose to relocate her busi- ness headquarters from the Boston area to Naples three years ago. She’s found Naples to be the ideal region to expand her art consulting firm, Emil- lions Art. “Emillions is a global firm with a base here in South Florida. There is a wonderful arts community here in Naples which entices me as I am a true art lover as well as admirer. The Naples arts community enjoys phenomenal support from the city and region and it makes me want to be part and parcel of the art world here.” Named for the celebrated St. Emilions wine region in southwestern France, Emillions Art has grown its art clien- tele to include international collectors, European royalty, and even Millennial art collectors, by creating a virtual on- line gallery of emerging and estab- lished mid-career artists whose works Above: The Time of Secrets, 60 x 48 in. Oil on canvas Right: Untitled, 22 x 18.5 in. Oil on plexiglass MM Ciciovan, Quebec MM Ciciovan’s abstract style is born of both control and abandon. She applies paint with any tools at her disposal: brushes, palette knives, squeegees, even the tube of paint itself becomes a mechanism to create her vivid, layered abstractions. Ciciovan shows extensively in Canada, the United States, and Europe. 48 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE