Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 43

When we began planning this exhibit, we could never have imagined the events that transpired Dec 17, 2014, the re-establishing of US-Cuba relations. ๎Žis posture of the middle distance, so touchingly captured by these images, makes this exhibit all the more poignant. ๎Že ensemble of Colonial Churches of Santiago de Cuba was included on the 2016 World Monuments watch list which comprises twelve churches and their adjacent plazas that date from the early sixteenth to the end of the nineteenth century. Please visit www.wmf.org/project/colonial-churches-santiago-de-cuba for more information and to make a donation. Above: Altar Church Santo Tomas, 2015 Right: Cathedral interior west aisle with saint, 2015 Opposite page:Cathedral Interior east aisle, 2015 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 41