Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 38

Violently and abruptly the effects of Sandy’s dismembering winds shocked the very psyche of a people who have had to master the skill of patient surrender to the inevitable tempo of the march of decay. At the middle of the corpus of the city, as the grade gently falls towards the harbor, a constellation of colonial churches, surrounding the Cathedral and square, anchors the quadrants of the City’s foun- dational plan, providing an unparalleled example of congruity be- tween territory, townscape and architecture. is web, 500 years in the making, heralds Santiago’s spiritual and cultural provenance and is now at risk. Monsignor Dionisio Garcia-Ibanez, the arch- bishop of Santiago, began almost immediately, without government assistance, to reconstruct this extraordinary environmental artifact. Above: e three realities" 2015, Church Cristo de la Salud Right: Santiago's Cathedral, Front, 2015 Opposite page: Santiago's Cathedral, East Facade, 2015 36 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE