Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 37

I the EARTH WORLD Above: Church El Caney, facade, 2015 CARLOS DOMENECH SANTIAGO de CUBA By: Jorge L. Hernandez, AIA Professor, University of Miami School of Architecture On October 25, 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept north across the Caribbean, pounding Santiago de Cuba, and parking itself over the tattered, time worn and vulnerable city causing widespread dev- astation on the Island’s original Colonial Capitol. As fallen trees were being cleared, relief efforts commenced and damages assessed, another type of loss began to reveal itself: loss of memory. e fa- miliar settings that provided the backdrops so profoundly rooted to Santiago’s identity had been ripped open by the brutal winds of up to 150 miles per hour. Gone was the shelter –the collective shelter- of both body and memory. Opposite page: San Francisco, West aisle 2015 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 35