Portfolio Naples February 2017 - Page 21

The Recoleta Cemetary has more beautiful monuments and mausoleums than many major cities have buildings. They are symbols of the power, prestige and wealth the once was Argentina and Buenos Aires. Harry captures the pathos and the ironies of this faded past in his photographs of these monu- ments. Rather than composed these pictures are sometimes taken at odd an- gles giving one the feeling of just hav- ing looked up. Harry seems to find beauty in a cup of coffee, a bowl of nuts, a seltzer bottle or a case of pastries. We can't seem to get much closer. I want to sit in that cafe, I want to look out that window, I want to smell and touch those scarred wood tables. I may never get to Buenos Aires. But it's okay because I feel like I've already been there………… PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 19