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ON THE COVER: Artist Al Diaz, Jean-Michel’s collaborator in SAMO©, adds provenance to this un- titled Basquiat painting. When he viewed the painting in Miami this past December, he could attest to how Basquiat would very often paint on two or more canvases set side-by-side. is previous untitled work is a smaller variant of ‘Aque Pelicolose’ or ‘Poison Oasis.’ Now entitled ‘Untitled (Variation on ‘Poison Oasis'),’ the 1981 orig- inal painting is represented by Emillions Art. PORTFOLIO ONLINE: PORTFOLIOMAGAZINENAPLES.COM Visit the Portfolio website and view previous issues of Portfolio on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Check out our latest advertisers and learn more about the magazine. ADVERTISING / EDITORIAL INFORMATION Contact: Bill Hemmer Direct: 706-717-1184 Email: hemmer@hemc.net www.PortfolioMagazineNaples.com Portfolio Magazine is published by Mountain Communications Group, Inc. Copyright: All content of this issue are copy- right 2017 Portfolio Magazine. All rights reserved. No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any manner without prior consent of the publisher. e publisher believes that the information contained in this publication is accurate. e publisher is not responsible for any changes in dates or events. Portfolio Magazine welcomes comments and suggestions. 16 WITNESS Harry's work is at once romantic, gritty, raw and is a beautiful view of life that most of us miss seeing. He takes the human condition and slices it microscopically thin and makes it transparent enough for us to project ourselves into it. He allows us to be there. 34 CARLOS DOMENECH, SANTIAGO de DUBA On October 25, 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept north across the Caribbean, pounding Santiago de Cuba, and parking itself over the tattered, time worn and vulnerable city causing widespread devastation on the Island’s original Colonial Capitol. As fallen trees were being cleared, relief efforts commenced and damages assessed, another type of loss began to reveal itself: loss of memory. 46 MASTERWORKS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM As she pulls the heavyweight, brown paper from the large frame, Marlissa Gardner’s eyes widen at the vivid colors of the painting before her. Gardner was arms’ length from “Cortadores de Guano” painted in 1943 by Havana artist, Mario Carreño Morales, the 20th century Cuban artist whose work is now avidly sought in the art world. 58 PARADISE UNVEILED IN BAY COLONY SHORES is unforgettable property stands ready to serve as the tranquil sanctuary for a well-traveled couple, am inviting spot for vis- iting grandchildren or an ideal home in which a young family could grow. It awaits only you to make it a home. 64 OMNI ORLANDO RESORT AT CHAMPIONSGATE Since its opening in 2004 the property has always been among the best in the Orlando area, preceded by four years with the opening of the National and the International golf courses designed by Greg Norman. 72 FRENCH DESIGNER AND ARCHITECT PIERRE CHAREAU e Jewish Museum will present the first U.S. exhibition focused on French designer and architect Pierre Chareau (1883- 1950) from November 4, 2016 through March 26, 2017. Showcasing rare furniture, lighting fixtures, and interiors, as well as designs for the extraordinary Maison de Verre, the glass house completed in Paris in 1932, 86 1/2 BACK GALLERY: SCOTT HOTALING Portfolio Magazine highlights the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge. Southwest Florida residents have traveled to these cool mountains to escape the summer heat and return often to view the fall foliage, take back a fresh cut fraser fir for the Holidays or perhaps catch an early snow fall. Photo opposite page: Carlos Domenech P O RT P F O O R L T F I O O L I M O A M G A A G Z A Z I I N N E E 9 9