Portfolio Naples December 2018 - Page 98

K GALLERY carolinas i georgia i tennessee i virginia i kentucky Photo: Dennis Sabo Dennis Sabo is an internationally honored photographer specializing in contemporary abstract, landscape, and seascape photography. His award-winning work has ap- peared in various galleries, publications and institutions, among them Emillions Art, Canon, NOVA, Blue Planet, Great American Art, and the Anthology of Appalachian Photographers. Dennis is considered to be a master at transforming an image into something the viewer can connect with emo- tionally. Dennis Sabo’s stunning photography of the natural world captures light and its effect on the landscape. His fine art natural world abstracts and landscapes is often sought out by home decor and interior designers and has been included in solo and group art gallery exhibitions, commercial installations and private home collections throughout the United States and internationally. Says Dennis, “When I capture an image it is my hope that it evokes an emotional experience for the viewer. Per- haps it is how the subject is bathed in light, perhaps it is the lines of the subject that draws you in, or simply it is an image that you enjoy viewing. With a global community very much focused on environmental impact and fragile ecosystems, my artwork captures natural images and color with a perspective people easily miss. Exploration begins in the heart of the photographer; bringing a composition for a particular locale or subject to life. My interest is in the natural details; how the environ- ment on a particular day, in a particular light, and at a particular moment in time correlates to my personal vision and interpretation of nature. My goal is to help other people celebrate their love and passion of nature and the natural world through my artwork. A celebration of nature com- posed of color, textures, and patterns” 96 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE