Portfolio Naples December 2018 - Page 95

N Land of the Sky PORTFOLIO MOUNTAINS M ARTFULL LIVING From the Piedmont of Northeast Georgia to the Mountains of West- ern North Carolina, a region steeped in simple pleasures and ap- preciation of natural beauty, you will find yourself amongst the pur- veyors of this ideal. Portfolio recog- nizes this aesthetic, and prides itself on recreating this within it's pages. A curated glance at the lifestyle found within these communities, Portfolio illuminates this through stunning photography framed with captivating storytelling. FEATURING THE WORK OF DENNIS SABO w w w. d s a b o p h o t o.c o m “As Owner of Emillions Art and a Consultant, in an ever-evolving and increasingly com- petitive art industry, one of the most fortunate things I am surrounded by are exceedingly tal- ented, critically acclaimed, goal oriented and highly motivated artists that have a vision in art and how it effects the world. I can honestly say that my work is stimulating, exciting and visually expanding. I am glad to be part of such beauty and am honored by these amazing artists that share their world with me.”- Marlissa Gardner, Emillions Art, LLC PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 93