Portfolio Naples December 2018 - Page 46

A STILL LIFE FEATURING THE WORK OF HARRY de ZITTER www.dezitter.com I have know Harry most of my life. He has been part of my family since he stepped into it in the 1960’s as a student of my Father, Alexander Podlashuc. What stands out about Harry de Zitter is his technical brilliance. In a world of nearly 7 billion amateurs with cameras, world renowned Harry is that rare exception, a true professional photographer. He is the real deal. His images are meticulously produced, governed by his skill and training. He is not some lucky happy snapper, or profligate “bang-bang club” cameraman shooting blindly at everything on motor-drive. No. Every image he takes is deliberate and chosen. Every element and aspect is under his control. His attention to detail sets him apart. He is a photographer’s photographer, whose body of work stands as testament to the watchwords of order, method and discipline. He is a scientist of light who brings wonderful pictures into being. Dr Leopold Podlashuc Cape Town Signed Limited Edition archival cotton rag prints available from Marilu at G&H Printing marilu@gandhprinting.com Camera & Lighting support by Gitzo + Manfrotto 44 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE