Portfolio Naples December 2018 - Page 43

Lorna Marsh, Fish in Jar II, 2018, Graphite Acrylic on Clay Board, 12 x 9 In. Lorna's subtle use of color is showcased in a series of ethereal paint- ings of fish, beautifully rendered. But some are captive in stark glass jars drained of their nat- ural color. The beauty apparently having to be captured and contained for our serial pleasure, rather than enjoyed in it's natural state... but lost as we try to own that beauty. In some of these works comic characters are depicted in mysterious and sinister roles, recalling the dual role of clowns in our society. And figures of authority are deployed as their natural foils. Who are the villains in these confrontations, or are there any villains at all. It's a contradictory society for the viewer to decode. For more information contact: Aldo Castillo Gallery, Miromar Design Center 10800 Corkscrew Rd, Suite 195 Estero, FL 33928 T. 312-375-8887 E.aldocastilloprojects@gmail.com Lorna Marsh, Fish III, 2018, Graphite Acrylic on Clay Board, 18 x 36 In. Jars and Fish, 2018, Graphite Acrylic on Clay Board, 18 x 36 In. www.aldocastillogallery.com PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 41