Portfolio Naples December 2018 - Page 39

Lorna Marsh, Log House, 2018, Pastel Acrylic on Paper, 22 x 30 In. at school. She also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lorna's work is most noteworthy for her sense of line, capturing images and feelings with elegant but minimal strokes. She applies her medium directly to the surface, without an intervening brush and almost all her work cre- ates a tension in the viewer. She is very comfort- able working with a minimal palette when that is appropriate to the language but is by nature a colorist. In her latest work Lorna has focused on the human tendency to reject values in cultures that are foreign... to see them as something that is radically different, without redeeming values, rather than finding common ground. She illus- trates this by juxtaposing images of formal cul- tures and figures of comic value, creating a palpable sense of expectation. The outcomes are uncertain, the protagonists poised for some kind of response. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 37