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1 / 2 [ GALLERY carolinas I georgia I tennessee I virginia I kentucky featuring Keith Dotson I www.keithdotson.com ] Keith Dotson is a contemporary photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee, who creates art for a global audience. Specializing in black and white photography, his favorite subjects include landscapes, cityscapes, and abstractions from nature. He is especially drawn to historic places, old houses, and gloomy days. Keith is a parent, an environmentalist, and a restless spirit. Growing up in a military family, some of his earliest memories include being bundled in the arms of his mother and carried to the car in the wee hours of morning to travel to someplace new. He credits these formative experiences with giving him a wanderlust that continues until this day. When his father deployed to Southeast Asia, young Keith returned home with his family to the Appalachian mountains of SE Kentucky, where he learned to love nature and the beauty of the landscape, at the same time witnessing the devastation of strip mining and mountaintop removal. Eventually the family settled in Texas, where Keith was raised, graduated from college, and went on to a career as an advertising creative director, and later as a college art and design instructor. He practiced and explored various art mediums, from painting to printmaking, before discovering his true artistic passion in photography. Keith's photo- graphs have been exhibited in Los Angeles, New york, Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis, Toronto, Madison (WI), and Knoxville (TN). He currently resides in the exciting Nashville area, where he enjoys the city’s live music scene, good southern cooking, and nature’s beauty in all four seasons. In addition to private collections across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Aus- tralia, photographs by Keith Dotson can be found on the walls of major hotels, financial services firms, high tech companies, universities, and fine restaurants. Celebrities from Nashville and Los Angeles are among his collectors. One of his landscape photos even went on a European tour as a stage backdrop for a Danish pop singer. Keith’s photographs made their silver screen debut in the 2016 holiday movie Why Him? starring James Franco, Megan Mullally, and Bryan Cranston. ree of his land- scape photographs appear regularly as set decor on the walls of Meredith Grey's bedroom in the TV series Grey's Anatomy. His work has also been seen in television shows like Melissa and Joey, e Mindy Project, Modern Family, Gossip Girl, and on Netflix in Lady Dynamite. With his photography, he presents straight-forward black and white images, allowing the drama and mood of the subject to shine. He prefers the look and atmosphere of soft light, often shooting on overcast or stormy days that keep other photographers at home. He believes the landscape has a spirit that's shaped by its aesthetics, weather, geogra- phy, topography, history, and human activity. e Japanese recognize this by building torii gates and shrines to honor significant (sacred) locations. Native Americans and other indigenous people have recognized it too, sometimes leaving behind petroglyphs or other markers to tell the stories of their ancestors, and to mark their sacred places. For Keith, photography is an attempt to recognize and capture the essence of this same spirit of the land. 76 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE