Portfolio Naples December 2017 - Page 54

escort of Judy Holm. All of the packages include a personalized phone consulta- tion with Ms. Holm and 14 hours per day of private chauffeured transporta- tion to and from the fairs and events. In the fall of 2017, the Biltmore Hotel outdid itself with an interior makeover of the grand upper lobby. Re-imagined in a rich palette of greens and blues, the design has met with rave reviews and taken the elegance of the hotel to a whole new level. e re-de- 52 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE sign came just in time for this year’s Art Basel/Art Week whirlwind. And this year, the Biltmore Hotel has a fresh and exciting surprise for art lovers. is year, the Biltmore Hotel is hosting an exclusive installation called “Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades – A Most Unusual Vernissage’. rough a breathtaking, highly artistic form of night photog- raphy, the beauty of abandoned and historic vehicles discarded over the years throughout the vast Everglades eco-system is brought to life in Aban- doned Vehicles of the Everglades. Photographed by Matt Stock and conceived in partnership with entrepre- neur Charles J. Kropke the project is the culmination of a 10-year plan to capture the striking beauty of these vehicles. By investigating rumors, analyzing satellite imagery, and utilizing a network of Gladesman, Miccosukee Indians, park rangers and explorers, the Aban-