Portfolio Naples December 2017 - Page 23

Above: Selling Flowers, Paris 1935 Opposite page: Paris Evening, Paris 1934 Right: Refugee, Colombes, France 1938 Fred Stein “Like a hunter in search of a target, you look for the one sign that is more characteristic than all the others. e job is to sum up what a man is, ac- cording to your understanding of him.e painter has the advantage here, since he can work toward this objective through several leisurely ses- sions; the photographer has only one, and that one as brief as a split second.” Fred Stein was born on July 3, 1909 in Dresden, Germany. As a teenager he was deeply interested in politics and became an early anti-Nazi activist. He was a brilliant student, and went to Leipzig University, full of humanist ideals, to study law. He ob- tained a law degree in an impressively short time, but was denied admission to the Ger- man bar by the Nazi government for “racial and political reasons.” e threat of Fascism grew more and more dangerous and after the SS began making inquiries about him, Stein fled to Paris in 1933 with his new wife, Liselotte Salzburg, under the pretext of taking a honeymoon. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 21