Portfolio Naples December 2017 - Page 21

PHOTOGRAPHY / EDITORIAL / ART / DESIGN Chez, Paris 1934 FRED STEIN MASTER OF THE ART OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY www.fredstein.com # 1 / Paris, France 1930s is is the first in a three part series on the photography of Fred Stein. e first part focusing on how Stein documented Paris with hand-held cameras (in his case, a Leica) during the 1930s. e second part will feature how Stein’s style would capture the city life of New York where he, his wife and their young daughter fled in 1941. e third part will showcase his portrait photography where he preferred natural light and sim- ple compositions. Many personalities of his time were subjects of his portraits, including Albert Einstein, Georgia O'Keefe, and Marc Chagall. For more information on his life and ca- reer please visit www.fredstein.com. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 19