Portfolio Naples December 2017 - Page 11

ON THE COVER: K2 DESIGN GROUP, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN FIRM Jenny Provost, CEO of K2 Design, a long time Southwest Florida based archi- tecture and interior design group K2 Design, and now K2 Kitchens, a luxury kitchen and bath showroom in Bonita Springs, explains why this modern design suits our beloved Southwest Florida. For more information on K2 Design Group please visit their website. www.k2design.net ADVERTISING / EDITORIAL INFORMATION Contact: Bill Hemmer Direct: 706-717-1184 Email: hemmer@hemc.net www.PortfolioMagazineNaples.com PORTFOLIO ONLINE: PORTFOLIOMAGAZINENAPLES.COM Visit the Portfolio website and view previous issues of Portfolio on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Check out our latest advertisers and learn more about the magazine. 18 FRED STEIN. MASTER OF THE ART OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY is is the first in a three part series on the photography of Fred Stein. e first part focusing on how Stein documented Paris with hand-held cameras (in his case, a Leica) during the 1930s. e second part will feature how Stein’s style would capture the city life of New York where he, his wife and their young daughter fled in 1941. e third part will showcase his portrait photography where he preferred natural light and simple compositions. 30 IMAGES FROM FOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS 42 A CLASSIC HOTEL DISCOVERS THE JOY OF ART is year, the Biltmore Hotel is hosting an exclusive installation called “Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades – A Most Unusual Vernissage’. rough a breathtaking, highly artistic form of night photography, the beauty of abandoned and historic vehicles discarded over the years throughout the vast Everglades eco-system is brought to life in Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades. 58 MODERN MEETS THE TROPICS Miami loves stark, spare, white, and modern. Naples residents are gravitating towards modern design too. But how does modern design manifest itself on the softer side of south Florida? K2 Design’s Jenny Provost explains why this modern design suits our beloved Southwest Florida . . . 72 1/2 BACK GALLERY FEATURING KEITH DOTSON Portfolio Magazine highlights the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge. Southwest Florida residents have traveled to these cool mountains to escape the summer heat and return often to view the fall foliage, take back a fresh cut fraser fir for the Holidays or perhaps catch an early snow fall. Photo opposite page: Keith Dotson PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 9