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Complimentary Ad design Professional Photographer Available If you have a need for new photography we have partnered with a local and affordable professional photographer to help in showcasing your business should you have a need. Complimentary Copies Each client will receive complimentary copies of each individual issue for their own distribution. Online Version Free pdf download accessible worldwide. Portfolio will include a section to it’s current website www.portfoliomagazinenaples.com/collections where feature articles will be available as well as other information and photography and art from the area. Feature Articles We will continue to highlight the area to help in driving traffic to the downtown areas. Distribution: 6,000 copies, complimentary For nearly a decade, Portfolio has been reaching a highly educated, well-traveled, and successful audience throughout much of SW Florida. Additional distribution in the Highlands/Cashiers Plateau and other areas of western North Carolina. Portfolio may also be picked up at the NetJets “private terminal” in West Palm Beach. Ask for more detailed distribution sites. WHAT IT WILL COSTS: Option A: 3 Insertions, Full page, bleed ad + 7 Insertions 1/4 page ad. TOTAL COST: $2,149.00 Option B: 3 Insertions, 2 page spread+ 7 Insertions 1/2 page ad. TOTAL COST: $2,825.00 PORTFOLIO BILL HEMMER, PUBLISHER email: HEMMER@HEMC.NET cell: 706.717.1184 WWW.PORTFOLIOMAGAZINENAPLES.COM