Portfolio Naples August/September 2018 - Page 27

I the EARTH WORLD R. SCOTT DUNCAN Written by Dorothy Toyas • www.rscottduncanphotography.com R. Scott Duncan is an award-winning, internationally published photographer currently residing in Vero Beach, Florida. He was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and moved to Los Angeles, Cali- fornia after college. Although he began snapping pictures of his childhood friends at the age of 10, his interests eventually shifted to music and family life. After a long sabbatical, his passion for photography was reignited. Scott abides by the photographer’s credo “the camera is the artist’s palette; the lens is the paintbrush”. Although he sporadically upgrades his cameras, he feels it is more important to invest in quality lenses. Equally important is the use of specific techniques that enable him to achieve his recognizable signature stamp like manipulating the light and ocean tide with high dynamic range and using long exposure to isolate movement and motion. Ultimately, trial and error, lots of practice and just getting out there and exploring your surroundings are the basic tools of the trade. In addition to his website, Scott’s photos can be seen at Yahoo, Inc., Los Angeles, California, e U.S. Army Ordinance Corps., Ft. Lee, Virginia, as well as several California and Florida municipal- ities. His exquisite photographs have also graced the pages of several well-known magazines including “Travel and Leisure” and “Food and Wine”. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 25