Portfolio Naples August/September 2017 - Page 58

what it would feel like to be entertained in a home designed by MHK,” says Matthew. “I wanted my clients to get a three-dimensional environmental per- spective of their own homes that we will be designing for them.” And he has achieved that on a small scale with Timeless Restaurant. From the gorgeous natural lighting, to the incredibly intimate feel of the space, the coastal décor, open-concept layout and upscale materials, one does feel like they are step- ping into an animated experience of the senses. “Architecture is everything that pertains to life and how we function. What defines a good restaurant experience is not just the food, the atmosphere is just as important. How the space is utilized and how the guests interact and experience the space is what architecture is all about.” e signature residential design of MHK homes is a modern twist on old Florida architecture. Its underlying archi- tectural roots come from the old Florida cracker-style homes that feature elevated clapboard, steel roofs, traditional outdoor southern porches, and most of all a cozy feel. MHK Architecture and Planning has taken this coastal cottage and modernized its look and feel to fit today’s needs while staying true to the timelessness of our southern history. “We describe our style of architecture is coastal contemporary. e form and function of our homes con- sider lighting, space, materials, and most of all scale,” says Matthew. 56 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE e menu of Timeless is a fusion of both old southern cuisine and locally sourced ingredients. Chef David Nelson has worked very hard to create a menu that is both modern and true to the roots of the old south. One of his favorite dishes is “lobster chowdah”, a rich buttery dish Maverick, oil and acrylic painting by Marti Koehler consisting of double lobster stock with crispy pancetta, fingerling potatoes, and organic vegetables. Over the past year, Chef David has travelled all over the US trying many unique eateries. Travel is im- portant to the craft of any good chef. From Seattle to Austin to New York and Boston, he will tell you that his highlight was eating at Eleven Madison Park, (which was just named the best restaurant in the world). When it comes to food, Chef David re- spects the tradition of classic farm to table cui- sine. “It is the attention to detail that makes even the most classical dish stand out,” he says. Supporting the local farmers is also an important part of Chef David’s cooking philosophy. “I think chefs play an impor- tant role in the sustainable food push. at’s why our menu will change with the seasons. What’s available in season and lo- cally will be what we feature on our sea- sonal menus.” As far as chef influences, Chef David aims high. “After eating at Eleven Madi- son Park, I have become a big Daniel Humm fan. His passion and creativity is infectious.” For those who are unfamiliar with Daniel Humm, he is a Swiss-born chef and former recipient of three Miche- lin Stars. His cooking is pure, with a spe-