Portfolio Naples August/September 2017 - Page 53

TIMELESS AN MHK STORY By Shannon Bisnaire Upon entry your senses will be transported to modern-day Florida, where the smells, sounds and sights of today’s south- ern-style living echoes from shadows in the past. You’d swear you were being entertained as a guest in one of the quaint, up- scale coastal cottage-style homes downtown, somewhere off Gulfshore Blvd. And, this new Florida you’re experiencing only whispers of old Florida’s past, but it’s still there. You can feel it. Smell it. And here you are. Standing in the middle of an archi- tect’s vision of what modern day Florida means to him. By definition, the word “timeless” can mean many things to an architect. But what stands out in its underlying meaning is the emotional connection to a space in time that remains con- stant no matter what the current trend. Timelessness, in its purest form is a transportation of the senses into a particular world that defies everyday living by illuminating the exclusivity of an era and taking you there–or reinventing it–fearlessly. is is exactly what e Florida Architect ™ Matthew H. Kragh has done with his new restaurant, boldly–yet simply– named Timeless, an MHK Eatery. From the floor to ceiling windows you can look out into the bustling streetscape of modern day Florida, peppered with na- tive trees and radiating the balmy Florida weather. Just outside you might even see the Timeless Restaurant’s replica 356 Porsche Speedster 1957 convertible. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 51