Portfolio Naples April 2018 - Page 24

at’s when the painting really began. “Cloud formations. A storm over the ocean. Shifts of sunlight. Every day was different.” she says. “I just never got tired of painting the sea.” And although she’s pretty obsessed with the ocean, Laurél is always dis- covering new subjects. Starfish catch her eye. Pelicans too—she loves their quirky ways. Six years ago, intrigued by the texture of the petals, she began painting pop- Simply Serene pies. Recently, she’s been drawn to the moon, in awe of its celestial power and intrigued by its reflection on the water. Laurél’s medium of choice is acrylic, but she loves to experiment with texture as well. Sometimes the ripple of a wave or the puff of a cloud demand more dimension and detail. That’s when she applies tissue paper or plaster overlay. This subtle depth helps beckon viewers inside the painting. 22 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE