Portfolio Naples April 2018 - Page 22

Above: Across The Sound Opposite page: Purple Rain 20 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Laurél’s design roots go deep. Her grandparents visited nearly every state in their little red Volkswagen Bug back in the 60s, capturing the trees, trucks and countryside via pencil. When her grandmother passed away, Laurél’s family discovered piles of stunning, unsigned sketches— ones they’d never seen. But as an artist herself, Laurél understood. “I don’t always share every idea with the world,” she said “My own process is a blend of hibernation, inspiration and creation. I ponder. I walk. I spend time alone. I take lots of photographs. It’s certainly a journey.” Laurél’s own personal journey began back in Wisconsin. Growing up, art class was all she really cared about. She fell in love with the water on a scuba diving trip to Grand Cayman in 1995, but soon settled in Denver, Colorado, with her husband Paul. Over the next 12 years, she built a suc- cessful graphic design business, which evolved from art direction and web design to faux finishing and murals. But the mountains never became part of her soul. And in 2011, with a craving for water and plenty of moxie, they sold everything and moved to Grand Cayman.