Portfolio Naples April 2018 - Page 11

ON THE COVER: HARRY DE ZITTER Gentleman savoring a cold beer in Salta Argentina 1979 ADVERTISING / EDITORIAL INFORMATION Contact: Bill Hemmer Direct: 706-717-1184 Email: hemmer@hemc.net www.PortfolioMagazineNaples.com PORTFOLIO ONLINE: PORTFOLIOMAGAZINENAPLES.COM Visit the Portfolio website and view previous issues of Portfolio on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Check out our latest advertisers and learn more about the magazine. Opposite page: Laurél Schmid 18 OF SOUL AND SEA A true artist paints from the heart. And that’s how Laurél Schmid goes about every piece. Her paintings evoke a strong connection to the outside world. Because that’s where her heart feels most at home. Sky above. Sea below. 28 A NAPLES WINTER WINE FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHT e Naples Winter Wine Festival held a variety of star-studded celebrity chef and vintner dinners during the start of the 2018 festival, which took place January 26-28, 2018 at e Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, FL. Celebrating the festival’s 18th year, attendees of the festival had the chance to taste some of the most celebrated dishes and wines from award-winning food and wine legends from across the globe. 52 EMPTY SEATS It is a recurring theme. Empty Seats records the pathos of solitude and the pregnancy of moment. ere is a reflective stillness about them that wonders at the event just over or the one about to take place. ey seem to be about time: they seem to be about us……. 64 PORTFOLIO MOUNTAINS e experience of light has inspired artists throughout the ages. e experience of light through our eyes is more than just a sensory phenomenon; it seems to have an internal connection as well. We are inspired by light, and when an artist creates the impression of light in artwork, it is powerful. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 9