Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 68

the shaping of greens and bunkers, and Brian Slawnik running the job and han- dling the finishing touches, Doak's team beat the northern Michigan weather to plant all 18 holes in a single summer. "I could just drive over from traverse city in the morning, tinker with two different greens the same day, and still get home to sleep in my own bed," smiled Doak. "So it all came together a lot faster than having to go to new Zealand and back, even though we did have to think through two 66 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE different approach shots to every green." e new 18-holes function as 36. is is achieved, “Without ever posing the sen- sation of playing the wrong way down a fairway,” according to Whitten and Golf Digest, which rated and recognized the best new course as one 36-hole experi- ence. golfers play Black-clockwise and Red-counter clockwise. "tom's reversible course concept changed our business model from a simple stop-on-the-way, single golf course, to a leading golf destination with a three-course experience different from anything else in the world right now,” ompson said. e loop, with its revolutionary re- versible design, is a walking only experi- ence featuring the option of professional caddies. e two different layouts alter- nate directions on a daily basis and allow golfers to experience a unique vacation golf package. added to e loop’s 36- hole experience with the original