Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 67

a good head start on what will work and what won’t,” Doak stated. “If I wasn’t sure it would work well, I wouldn’t have pro- posed it to a client.” e client in this case is Forest Dunes owner lew ompson, who took owner- ship of Forest Dunes in 2012. e resort had opened in 2002 with a highly-rated tom Weiskopf course. “is is truly an honor to be recognized by both of golf’s leading publications,” lew ompson said. “When we decided to build our next golf course, I wanted something industry changing, and fun for everyone. tom Doak delivered by providing us some of his best work, and the feedback by our guests has been tremendous. e genius of the concept is how it looks and plays com- pletely different when you play in the other direction.” While e loop concept of a reversible 18 holes may be unique in america, one of golf ’s most revered traditional layouts can be played in that manner. e old course at St. andrews, Scotland is still played once a year in reverse fashion. Doak worked at the course as a caddie for three months in the 1980s, after graduat- ing from cornell University’s golf archi- tecture program. Unlike St. andrews, which has very large double greens that would be expen- sive to build and maintain today, Doak says e loop has average-sized greens that work well from all directions. “We have some greens where you’re coming in from the north one way, and you’re com- ing into them from the west on the oppo- site routing,” he says. “you’re playing one way and you have a long, skinny green, but when you’re playing the course from the other direction, it’s a wide, shallow green.” Doak realized in the design phase that he had to accommodate for the change in direction that golfers would ex- perience. “When I started, I thought to myself that we’re building greens that you have to approach from the front going one way, and from the back coming the other way, and there are only certain kinds of greens (those without severe slopes) that will work in that format,” says Doak. not only did Doak achieve the desired re- sults, he did it so effectively that when a golfer plays the e loop in one direction after previously playing in the other direc- tion, the impression is that it’s a com- pletely different course. With his Renaissance men Brian Schneider and eric Iverson doing most of PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 65