Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 53

“As modernization eroded mysticism, artists ex- perimented with new forms of expression to rein- troduce mystery into everyday life,” explained Wolfsonian curator Matthew Abess, who organ- ized the exhibition. “is spiritual counterculture sought to reenchant the world by way of aesthetic experience.” Focusing on works produced between 1900 and 1950, the exhibition takes a close look at North American and European artists that turned to abstract thought, feeling, and form as counter- points to the concrete realities and alienation of modern life. As the world around them became increasingly secular and urbanized, these makers imagined new expressions of spiritual awareness that drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources: philosophy, mythology, psychology, po- etry, and ideologies ranging from established reli- gious doctrines (Christianity and Buddhism) to newer, lesser-known schools of thought (eoso- phy and Anthroposophy). Despite this diversity, common threads are found in an emphasis on transformation, allusion to forces within and forces beyond, and the depiction of otherworldly figures. “It is commonly said, ‘art feeds the soul,’” stated Tim Rodgers, Wolfsonian director. “is peek inside the vaults of e Wolfsonian and the unique collections of Jeri and Micky Wolfson pro- vides a feast for viewers, inviting them on a jour- ney into an abstracted world of feeling and sensation, color and light.” PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 51