Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 36

sures of the same image and you never knew what you had until the film was developed. Add to this that the camera had to be loaded and unloaded in total darkness; a neat trick in the middle of a tropical forest. As it was very heat sensitive the film had to be stored in an insulated pack. In short, this medium is not really well suited for field photography. Back in the darkroom you never knew what images were going to appear. If you got one or two images from each roll of film you were lucky. In the conventional darkroom the negative was king and manipulating the image was a very tricky mix of exposure and chemicals. Making up for the films inconsistencies by adding or subtracting light exposure in certain areas was, in itself, inconsistent and no two prints Top: Maya: Copan, Honduras Center: Maya: Labna Palace, Yucatán, Mexico Bottom: Maya: Las Monjas, Chichen Itza, Yucatán, Mexico IOpposite page: Inca: Machu Picchu, Peru 34 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE