Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 25

of the roads are long-gone, but the vehicles re- main behind, hundreds of them! For a decade, I hunted for the right pho- tography partner. It became a hunt in des- peration, never finding the right look, the right fit. en one day, a persistent and in- sightful magazine ad salesman came into my office and told me, off-handedly, about a pho- tographer he knew. I wasn’t paying much at- tention, but as the salesman was leaving, he said, “by the way, he does his work by night.” What? I asked. How soon can I meet him? Enter Matt Stock. I was about to meet my pun-nemesis, partner in vehic- ular adventure and one of the most tal- ented, hard-working and creative photography artists on the planet. Matt’s technique, for those of us not in the trade, is called, ‘light painting.’ rough this unorthodox lighting tech- nique Matt highlights various parts of the subject, exposure by exposure and then fuses them piece by illuminated piece into a single finished work. On location Matt hands each assistant a light (or two) and then he builds light and drama into the scene by directing them with hand gestures how much light to add and where, like a conductor would his orchestral sections in the throws of a grand opera. When completed by the hands of a PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 23