Portfolio Naples April 2017 - Page 23

“e Everglades” is a term people the world over associate with Florida. But in actuality, defining the Everglades is a very controversial task, as illustrated by how the warring parties generally break down into two opposing camps. One camp defines the Everglades only as the large sawgrass prairie dotted with tree islands and sloughs that begins just below Lake Okeechobee and runs to the Florida Bay. e second camp takes on far more geography, starting with Shingle Creek just below Or- lando and includes the Kissimmee Valley, Lake Okeechobee, Fish-Eating Creek, the sawgrass prairie, the Big Cypress, the Faka- hatchee, the Panther NWR, the Picayune, the 10,000 Islands, Florida Bay, the lower Bis- cayne Bay and Upper Key Largo. In the defi- nition wars, we side with the latter. For us, the Florida Everglades is a series of eight (once nine) interworking ecosystems that represent everything between the coastal shoulders of wild, watery South Florida. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 21