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95 29.01.2019 Attendees: Ksenia Semirova, Dmitrii Liubimov, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya. Approval of the agenda: Agenda is approved unanimously after its announcement. Approval of minutes: Minutes of the last meeting approved unanimously after its’ announcement. Minutes approved by: Ksenia Semirova, Faina Iasen, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Mark Osenmuk. Regular meeting of Frames Group started at 15:40 29.01.2018 in BHSAD by the chair Ksenia Semirova. 4. 5. Agenda The group has performed desktop walkthrough on the example of lobby of one station. A lot of problems and weaknesses have been realized: 1. It is impossible to assume that the Policeman will always help the Guard. They belong to  the  different chains of command and their nature of cooperation is unclear; 2. The Turnstiles Lady is a vital part of the whole system. She spends a good part of his day catching fare dodgers while it should be her priority to help the guard and replace him on Metal detectors if he goes to the X-ray machine and can’t monitor the detectors’ reads; 3. The Guard should have better qualification, since Metal detectors are useless during the  Rush hours. There is no time to check each person with backpack/luggage with a  handheld metal detector, so the Guard should be able to detect suspicious people by themselves. Additional training in form 6. 7. of a game will be welcome in the Resting area; The Turnstile Lady should have qualification like the Guard; Two people should manage the  Metal detector zone at any given moment; Relief operator should come not just to help the Guards during their breaks, but also come at Rush hours to make their work easier and more effective; To calculate the complicated system of shifts additional tools and specialists have to be involved; New entries Dmitrii Liubimov should write a conclusion for the whole project on Wednesday; Agenda of the next meeting Recording of the interview; Finalization of the outcome; Closure of the meeting The meeting was closed at 17:15 by the chair Ksenia Semirova. The time and date of the next meeting: 14:00 30.01.2019 in BHSAD. Opening