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93 28.01.2019 Attendees: Faina Iasen, Ksenia Semirova, Dmitrii Liubimov, Mark Osenmuk, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya. Approval of the agenda: Agenda is approved unanimously after its announcement. Approval of minutes: Minutes of the last meeting approved unanimously after its’ announcement. Minutes approved by: Ksenia Semirova, Faina Iasen, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Mark Osenmuk. Regular meeting of Frames Group started at 10:30 28.01.2018 in BHSAD by the chair Ksenia Semirova. Agenda Recollection of the information and tasks from the last two meetings Group meets with Angus Colvin and debriefs him on the things that has been done since the last meeting. It has been approved that the group should continue brainstorming and idea generation today. The group (except Ksenia Semirova and Daria Meshkova) performs a brainstorming session on the Metal detector operator’s User mapping. Based on this session, few areas of ideation have been formed: Teambuilding; 1. Improvement of guards’ perceived self-importance and prestige; 2. Psychological help and general life improvement programme; 3. Reward system, built on an app and a unified data-base for both guards and passengers; 4. Make it easier to get promoted, move within organization itself or on the similar position in different organizations; 5. Improve the system behind the shifts and their planning; Group voted for the direction that it shell pursue and chosen the last one as the result. Voting split: 1. Ksenia Semirova, Mark Osenmuk, Dmitrii Liubimov: 6 2. Emilli Monica Ramilison, Faina Iasen, Anna Novitskaya: 4 and 6 Number 6 won the vote. During brainstorming session Daria Meshkova and Ksenia Semirova worked on the plan of a group video for the submission). Group has a second meeting with Angus Colvin and debriefs him on the work that has been done today. Angus Colvin approves group’s effort and recommends to research Guardian Angels from New-York City underground. After the meeting with Angus Colvin group creates two new journey map  — with the consideration of the  new shift system, where a so- called “Relief operator” plays key role. Maps are promising, show huge increase in Guard’s mood. Based on these maps, group tries to find weak spots and create threats to the perfect scenarios. New entries 1. Daria Meshkova will write text for the group video on Tuesday (29.01.2019); 2. Group will discuss the said text and record the video interview on Wednesday (30.01.2019); 3. Daria Meshkova will compose it on Thursday (31.01.2019); 4. Dmitrii Liubimov will make schemes for the new shift system on Tuesday (29.01.2019); 5. All group members will think on the possible threats to the latest User Journey’s. Agenda of the next meeting Working on the scenarios; Closure of the meeting The meeting was closed at 17:25 by the chair Ksenia Semirova. The time and date of the next meeting: 16:30 29.01.2019 in BHSAD. Opening