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91 26.01.2019 Attendees: Faina Iasen, Ksenia Semirova, Dmitrii Liubimov, Mark Osenmuk, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova. Approval of the agenda: Agenda is approved unanimously after its announcement. Approval of minutes: Minutes of the last meeting approved unanimously after its’ announcement. Minutes approved by: Ksenia Semirova, Faina Iasen, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Mark Osenmuk. Opening Agenda of the next meeting Regular meeting of Frames Group started at 18:00 26.01.2018 in Skype by the chair Ksenia Semirova. 1. Group members should bring more statements on the next meeting; 2. Group members should finish their respective reports and upload them to the Google Drive folder before 12:00 Sunday, 27th of December; Daria Meshkova debriefs the group on the information Team A gathered from their sources. Security really craves better precision from the Metal detectors, it might help them a lot. Every security guy in the airport comes to work early, goes through the daily tests and check the conditions of the hardware before the working day begins. There are two different special zones where individual inspections take place – one for personal inspections (performed by the staff member of the same sex) and one for the inspections of the personal belongings. There are standard regulations in place on how the security guys are meant to behave during the personal inspections. Usually there is one guard who’s reading the Walk-through detector’s readings and two person who work on the X-ray. Security equipment is similar and similarly calibrated at the entrance and on pre-flight security check. After that the group profiled and mapped a Metro station security guard. Closure of the meeting The meeting was closed at 20:35 by the chair Ksenia Semirova. The time and date of the next meeting: 10:30 28.01.2019 in BHSAD. Agenda