Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 88

89 25.01.2019 Attendees: Faina Iasen, Ksenia Semirova, Dmitrii Liubimov, Mark Osenmuk, Emilli Monica Ramilison. Daria Meshkova and Anna Novitskaya were assigned to go to Sheremetevo airport. Approval of the agenda: Agenda is approved unanimously after its announcement. Approval of minutes: Minutes of the last meeting approved unanimously after its’ announcement. Opening 5. Learned about Story board, Desktop walkthrough techniques and received Opportunity card drafts. sides of the work that has been done – for example, if the amount of people who’ve done the questionnaire is low, we should talk less about an absolute number and more about the statistics. It is also vastly important to stick to third person or passive voice in the research reports. Dmitrii Liubimov will make a  separate page with pictures of the Detectors so the client will have more visual information. The group unanimously approved the Labbook layout presented by Ksenia Semirova. Due to the shortage of time, the group decided to have a Skype conference call on Saturday (26th of January 2019) at 18:00 to develop User profile and User mapping for the Metal detector Operator. The group will also use this call to come up with at least one idea (preferably, a hardware solution) based on the said profile and mapping. Working meeting: New entries Ksenia debriefs the team on the  importance of ethics and culture during the group projects and in the future, in real life situations. It is also very important to keep the team leader well-informed, since he/she is the one who will get all the flak from the higher-ups. Each group member should write an  evaluation on the team work (around 300-400 words). Regular meeting of Frames Group started at 16:35 25.01.2018 in BHSAD by the chair Ksenia Semirova. Agenda The things the group has done during the work day: 1. Developed a profile of a person who goes through the Metal detectors on the regular; 2. Developed User mapping for the said person; 3. Identified the weak spots and wrote statements based on them; 4. Generated number of ideas and made an attempt to develop one scenario through the Story board technique; In communicating with the client it is better to put emphasis on the strong Monday (28 th ): 1. Present reports to Angus Colvin; 2. Present profiles and mappings to Angus Colvin; 3. Develop solutions based on the  statements and/or prototype them; Closure of the meeting The meeting was closed at 17:10 by the chair Ksenia Semirova. The time and date of the next meeting: 18:00 26.01.2019 in BHSAD. Agenda of the next meeting Saturday (26 th ): 1. Security personnel profile, mapping; 2. Idea generation based on them; Minutes approved by: Ksenia Semirova, Faina Iasen, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Mark Osenmuk.