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81 16.01.2018 Attendees: Faina Iasen, Mark Osenmuk, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Ksenia Semirova, Dmitrii Liubimov. Approval of the agenda: Agenda is approved unanimously after its announcement. Approval of minutes: Minutes of the last meeting approved unanimously after its’ announcement. Minutes approved by: Ksenia Semirova, Faina Iasen, Emilli Monica Ramilison, Daria Meshkova, Anna Novitskaya, Mark Osenmuk. Regular meeting of Frames Group started at 13:20 16.01.2018 in BHSAD by the chair Ksenia Semirova. Agenda 1. Discussion of administrative and organizational issues; 2. Reports on the Metal detectors’ manufacturers: Most entries are about Russian OEM’s. The most stand-out one was by Faina Iasen about brand-new cutting-edge security system by EvolV Technologies. Mark Osenmuk mentioned the system Pautina that is installed in the malls; 3. Personal experience reports: Mark Osenmuk explained that the  thing he irritates him the most is the fact that you need to take everything from your pockets and how poorly the tables for pockets’ content organized (also a table with a slope for better convenience has been mentioned). Faina Iasen said that the number and placement of the  metal detectors in the Atrium mall doesn’t make any sense. The common themes in people’s observation that in a lot of cases Metal detectors are either not working, not being used properly or so poorly placed that they create a bottle neck by just existing. Anna Novitskaya worked in Stadium security in the past and, by her words, a lot of Security people don’t even know how to work with the installed and working detectors. Agenda of the next meeting New entries The meeting was closed at 14:20 by the chair Ksenia Semirova. The time and date of the next meeting: 16:30 18.01.2019 in BHSAD. Further workflow in the scope of the project: 1. Better comparative table for different Metal detectors must be developed, everyone should contribute. 2. Team A will compose an interview instead of questionnaire; 3. Each member of the group will think on 3 issues about the Metal detectors and apply the method of “5 Why’s” on these questions. Deadline for this task is Monday, 21st of January, 2019. 4. Every member of the group should think on the interview/ questionnaire questions and present them on the next meeting. Questionnaires Closure of the meeting Opening