Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 70

CONCLU- SION During research, we identified at least 6 areas where it is possible to vastly improve the experience of both passengers and security personnel. The team came to the conclusion that addressing the issues related to the Security Guard will be the most effective since he repeatedly resurfaced in our research. In a turn, Guards’ work can be improved in multiple ways and the most effective one is to educate them better. Further development revealed that there are 4 ways to educate and improve the qualification of Guards. Since the team had very strict time constraints, it had to narrow down the list yet again. Prototyping helped us to come up with the following proposals in regard to the Security check in the Moscow Underground system: 1. Better education can vastly improve the system. It is important that it has to be persistent (i.e. continue after the employee is admitted to work and go on a regular); 2. The team recommends to improve staff schedule in three areas: a. Each entrance to the underground system has to be staffed with at least two Security Guards at any given moment; b. Right now long shifts of the Guards are extremely exhausting and negatively affect the experience of both Guards and passengers. There should be longer breaks during the shift; c. There should be a new position, a Mobile Security Guard who will through the day help to schedule the breaks on multiple stations and assist Guards during the Rush hour. To develop new shifting system external specialists and additional tools have to be involved; d. The Turnstile Duty position is ambiguous and should be brought more in-line with the Security Guards in order of assisting the latter; This interim conclusion should be a starting point for the next stage of research and development. This stage will even better diagnose the  pain points of the security checks and will result in concrete, well-developed solutions for them.