Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 50

IDEA DEVELOP- MENT finalizing idea Team building Monitoring system for operator’s condition Motivation + Education. • Giving them an opportunity to  be better: training in first aid, antiterrorism training. • Motivation through a game: you do better job — there’s a chance to get a reward. • Give knowledge of secret checks by administration. • Searching challenges. • System of person matching by  some characteristics useful for security. • Change the system of shifts From 12-12 to smaller parts to eliminate fatigue. • Help guards to make routine less tiring and exhausting. • An interactive digital table for shift scheduling. • Tryouts in airports and other institutions. Maybe make a network for these guards. • A better breakroom environment for guards to relax during breaks. • Swapping their place of work with people on registration. • Circular change of activities. • Relief operator. • • • • • Make the profession more prestigious: ads, posters, photoshoots. Increase technological level of work. Virtual reality training in different scenarios. Ethic classes for operators. Psychological counseling to help operators accept the routine and cope with it in a healthy way. Improve educational system by using graphic design methods: visual information, graphic posters with reminders. Reward system Money, extended holidays, social privileges. • Making a system for guards’ motivation: not only career but like competition. • Notification like ‘Vitalya molodets’. • Promote the profession on TV and put best operators in ads. • To have a system of reviews and public thanks to guards on a website of metro. • To put a ‘please rate us’ system for guards like they have in MFC. • A comparative list (for the best guard, etc) with rewards or public announcements. • Give them a chance to get promoted to new kinds of work (in Metro department, but still better). • Implement some star reviews in the Apps of Yandex. • Discount system in some shops + bonus points to spend. 51 Improving the setting in which security guards work • • Organize station space. Monitor closely and promote friendly interactions between guards, metro workers and policemen. Change the task plan Faster flow — rewards, avoiding crowds — rewards. • Develop a system of threat levels that allows for less attention to be paid in peace. Outfits • • • Make better shoes that will help with the full-day on feet work. Redesign their uniform. Custom uniform by individual measures on completion of education course. After our brainstorming sessions and research analysis we had several promising areas to chose from. We decided to take up the operators’ shift system as it seemed as the area with the  most potential. We had to  keep in mind our limited time and resources so we thought this topic was our best shot.