Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 36

IDEA DEVELOP- MENT OPERATING STAFF TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY & SPACE & FORM The people behind the frames Technological limitations and possibilities Technology overlaps space & form S Subjective and often discriminating judgment of operators How might we change operator’s judgment to be more objective and inclusive? S, E Under-qualified; often poor behavior and appearance How might we increase qualification of operators to improve their behavior and appearance? E Intimidating military- like uniforms of the operators How might we change the operator’s uniforms to be less repulsive and more friendly? T Light indication system is not clear enough How might we improve the visual indication system for it to give clearer information? T The function is the key, not the form (the device doesn’t have to look like a frame) How might we modify the form of the security scanning system without losing its function? T, S Annoying sound indication system brings up stress levels How might we modify the sound indication system to decrease stress levels caused by it to both operators and the public? T Technology affect the placement of the frames How might we apply existing technology for the frames placement to be unrestricted? T, E The frames have to be used as a separate element that often disrupts its environment How might we integrate the scanning system into existing environment to optimise use of space, resources, etc.? SPACE & FORM Setting, positioning and appearance T, E Frames aren’t properly set up thus they aren’t used to their full potential How might we modify the frame’s set up procedure to make it easier to use its full potential? T, E The hardware of a frame is tiny, but the body of it is necessarily massive How might we use the compactness of the frame’s hardware to optimize the size of its corpus? T, E The environment is not adapted to people having to empty their pockets How might we improve the environment of the frames so it’s more convenient for people to manage their belongings during the scanning process? PERCEIVED SAFETY Users’ level of comfort and perception of risk T, E Uniform appearance of the scanning frames is familiar to the public & commonly accepted How might we change the form of security scanning without losing the perceived safety caused by the familiar appearance of the frames? How might we use the commonly accepted form of the frames to maintain the perceived safety caused by them? S, E Education through PR decreases levels of intimidation How might we educate the public through PR to decrease levels of intimidation and stress caused by security scanning? EFFICIENCY Are frames the most efficient way to ensure security? S Operators become stressed and aggressive due to inefficient operating procedure How might we change the operating procedure to lessen the stress levels for those operating them? T Vague indication system slows down the scanning process How might we modify the indication system to shorten the time of security scanning? T The one-at-a-time restriction makes the frames inefficient in rush (peak) hours How might we integrate the scanning system into existing environment to optimise use of space, resources, etc.? How might we modify the scanning device by getting rid of the one-person limit to make it more efficient during rush hours? O P E R AT I N G STAFF How might we increase qualification of operators to  improve their behaviour and appearance?