Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 32

33 Frames in public places ( stadiums, metro, malls and etc.) Existing frames cause stress for many people Create the feeling of intimidation (guilty until proved innocent). Many are intimidated by this experience. People are annoyed and irritated with Metal detectors To detect potential terrorist. Many people feel like they are suspected when innocent. Removing stuff from the pockets is very inconvenient. To prevent terracts or other threat. Guards tend to randomly pick out people from the crowd for additional security checks. Valuable belongings could be stolen, it’s long and holds the queue back So people feel safe while using public transport or while visitng public places. Our society is very prejudiced and posses many stereotypes which are then enforced by the guards. The tables near the Metal detectors are poorly designed, usually only 1 table for 2 frames is used. They slow down the flow of people and waste their time. People have to empty the pockets and bags before walking through a frame. They detect all metal objects on a person’s body so one has to put all metal objects on the nearby table to not confuse the frames. Because existing frames can’t distinguish between weapons and personal belongings (phones, keys, coins, etc.). Why cause distrust, discomfort? People fill Invasion of personal comfort zone. The presence of an observer is noticeable to humans. User Experience of communication with technology & security workeris far from Invisible design. Interaction with them creates barriers on person track. More women feel intimidated by this experience that men Because they feel more vulnerable when confronted by the male guards than men do. Most guards look quite aggressive and thus intimidating to those who posses less physical strength. The guards are also experiencing stress caused by the frames. The way frames operate puts a lot of responsibility on those operating them. Why is it inconvenient to pass through the frame if you are a non- standard: tall, fat, in a wheelchair, pregnant, etc.? There is a fixed standard size of 72x200, most fit for it. The most intimidating part is the person behind the detector People are mostly intimidated by a person near the frames Easy to make / easy to filter passing / easy to inspect. This person has a right to check your belongings and usually will do it in an impolite way. Because they are afraid that guard will pick them out of the crowd and start the inspection. Why the design does not adapt / does not change under passing? It is fixed on the floor. Metal detector operators usually acts similar to a cop and cops usually treat civils as their enemies. Because they are not sure how the whole system works and how guards pick people from the crowd. Why is it fixed like that? Where is the “brains”? The operation of these frames is imperfect and can’t eliminate the human factor of guards, so it’is subjective and often discriminative. There is no special thought put into these tables, space constrains also play the role since usually only one tables for two frames is used. Many people find existing frames uncomfortable Why is it like that? There is a light indicator is sides, “brain” in the top. Creation of expectation of undue attention in the context of suspicion. Do not fit organically into the surrounding space. The process of operating these frames puts most of the duty on the operator rather than on device. Why is the indication on the sides, if it does not clearly show where and which item inside? It is a Russian tradition, I suppose. People with power will abuse it and public will try to stay away from these people. Because it seems like guards are picking people spontaneously. Because there are no explanation of the reasons why guards are stopping and checking YOU. Because guards are not taught to do so and there is no such instruction. Frame operator is necessary Because the frame itself can only detect metal objects which are not the only potentially live threating objects. The frame itself can not detain a person in case if potential threat was detected. Because technology is not developed to the extent when it would substitute the human labour completely. Even if such technology exists, it would be much more expensive than human labour People scanning security frames cannot work properly without help of professional steward Human factor is important during the work with scanning frames. The equipment has the ability to break, to be buggy. Moreover this types of frames are not capable to consider human emotions. Settings for these machines allow only to define different amounts of metal (aluminium/gold/etc); however they are not able to read the expressions and emotions of people. That’s why the work of the employees is important while working with these equipment, as people can take the person’s excitement and anxiety before going into the building and prevent an attack. The Metal detectors are bottle- necking people They are positioned too close. There are technological limitations in these particular frames. The installed frames are cheap and have been chosen thanks to the corruption schemes. Public doesn’t hold officials accountable. Huge queue before passing scanning metal detectors When people should be properly inspected, through these metal detectors should pass only one person at a time, the next one should wait until the security guard inspects the person after passing the frame. Key point of the work of the scanners is to detect certain amount of metal. This detector is working depending on the properties established depending on a type of work which they have to carry out. The possibility of scanning people 40-50 p per hour. Person is working behind the scanner. Steward is obliged to examine the people personally. Because the machine has the property to break and not to work. Moreover these machines cannot read out human emotions. Why there is a crush around? The process of passing through the frame is not optimized. The space in which the inspection takes place and the inspection process itself are not optimized for a quick check and the passage of a large number of people. Why Look pathetic? Bad visual design, communication design. The goal was not to make high quality industrial design (especially the visual component). Requires additional investments, in what it seems there is no need. Requires additional investments, in what it seems there is no need. Utilitarian applying. In the process that performs this object, only the utilitarian value is nested. No pursuit to design high culture. Mentality, values. Why is the sound indication so irritating? To attract the attention of the guard Why does his attention need? To search / identify threats Why is a person / his incomprehensible things a threat? The guard does not know what is there / does not see the scan. Why there is no scan technology in the security frame? Sound is a cheaper technology. And the scan is expensive Why cheap technology is used to create security systems? Why is the sound indication so irritating? This is the easiest set of sounds. It takes little memory. Why is there not enough memory for sound in the device? Memory is needed for other functions. For example, on the pre- installed programs. Why is a lot of space need for it? They are many: from 16 and more. Why is so many? To facilitate setting the machine in place. Why, when the device is stationary (does not move to other points), and is configured once? Frames cause stress more when they are placed near entrance Because it slows people down. Because they need to make additional movements. Because people pass through the entrance gates and sometimes frames stand not in front of the person, but dioganally. Because the width of the gates might be different from the width of the passageway. People don’t feel the need for frames Because it seems that they are not working. Because even with frames there are terrorists in the shopping malls and metro. Because terrorists find new ways of hiding themselves. Because terrorism is not about killing people, it’s about scaring them. Existing frames create danger of terrorism It would cause more damage if a bomb went off in front of the frames than if it blew up inside the building. The frames create a so-called “bottle neck”. They create crowds and jams of people before them, thus collecting a lot of people condensed in one small space. The frames only allow one person to go through at a time, which significantly slows down the flow. The inspected person performs a series of actions, on each of which there can be a delay, or the need to repeat, that delays the next person, people interfere with each other. So people spend money on public transport or on social events. The verification steps are carried out in a confined space in which the activities of the inspected intersect. People are in a hurry, they do not wait until going ahead has completely finished the procedure. The number of actions performed and the resources (space, officers, etc.) aimed at operating these actions (in combination with the flow of people) is not balanced. They does not care about protecting people Because that’s the point of terrorism and that’s how they can become more powerfull.