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27 themselves but the thought of interacting 45.7% 31.4% with the guards makes me anxious. Do no t f ee I don’t have anything against the frames Male se I also remember how I entered the frame on Leningradskiy railway 51.6% 63.7% es per day tim Female Walk through station. The “roller” for bags was placed on some hight so my mom could not place her bag on it and the guards -3 95.2% rity frames ecu s he general statistics refused to help her. 02 04 06 08 01 00 I’m always afraid of leaving my things in age a separate table as I’m afraid that people 26-35 who go forward will steal my possessions. age 18-25 I accidentally took another person’s phone. I had to put it on the table when going through and didn’t pay attention that the woman after me had the same model so I accidentally stole hers.