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For this project, we managed to interview professional security guards and security frame operators to be able to analyze the experience of frame exploitation not only from the perspective of the user, but also from a professional side. These interviews will help our team to analyze potential problems with security frames exploitation encountered by professionals. Interview findings Stewards reported that they find security frames ineffective and that they serve more for a flow control, whereas the airport guard claimed that frames are effective and necessary. Stewards reported that they have never been given instructions about security frames exploitation, while security guards in airports are obliged to get trained how to use these frames and other technical equipment and how to do manual inspection following the 104 and 224 standards. Stewards reported that they encounter following problems: 1. Frames react on manual metal detector which means that steward would have to step back and that would cause people to get crowded inside the frame. RESEARCH STAGE 2. Frames make continuous sound because many people enter the frame at the same time because they think that it will reduce the inspection time. 3. People forget their personal belongings on the table. Airport guard said that there are no drawbacks. Stewards suggested that the following changes will improve the experience of frames exploitation: 1. To attach some kind of hurdle so only one person could enter the frame. 2. To adjust frame’s sensitivity so it doesn’t react on small coins because when people place them on the table it takes a lot of time to remove it. Airport security guard suggested : 1. To have a frame which would scan and detect not only the presence of excessive amount of metal and its approximate location, but so it shows the exact location and the shape of its object. security frames exploitation report: stewards & security guards According to the  research findings, we have following statements: • Security system and security guard training in the airports are taken more seriously than in stadiums. • Human factor can not be eliminated. • Security training educational system is specific for each area (airport, stadiums, metro and etc)