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Team Work Every day millions of people travel TEAM WORK Team Introduction 4 Research stage 6 studying security frames market and context 6 the analysis of official open sources 8 the analysis of the manufacturers research 10 personal observation 14 observed materials analysis 18 interviewing professionals 20 security frames exploitation report: stewards & security guards 22 interviewing users 24 questionnaire analysis 28 5 whys problem identifying method 30 Idea development 30 identifying area for ideation 34 how might we increase qualification of operators to improve their behavior and appearance? 40 profile and journey map for a security frame user 44 profile and journey map for a security frame operator 46 how might we support operator’s emotional stability through improving their working conditions? 48 finalizing idea 50 improved security operator journey map 54 Prototyping 56 scenarios 56 shifts scheme calculation 68 Conclusion 71 to work or study, fly out to other countries for vacations and business trips, attend concerts and sports events. Billions of surveillance cameras monitor movement and are responsible for the safety of the general public in places vulnerable to terrorist attacks. These and several other technological inventions together conclude today’s security system. One of those devices is a metal detector that many of us know as a frame. This security scanning system helps to define the presence and amount of any metal on a person, its location and permissibility. An ordinary person passes through frames like these 2-3 times on an average day. We decided to research TEAM MANAGEMENT creating teamwork rules. identifying team roles. managing work space 74 meeting minutes of the project 76 teamwork evaluations 98 video 102 the experience surrounding these devices and take this topic as our main area of focus. 3