Portfolio. BHSAD Deep Dive | Product design exploration, L5 - Page 100

This group project was very intense, and, in the end of the day, it went much better than I expected. Most of the team has been very involved from the very beginning of the  project, thanks to our Team leader, who has been instrumental to our progress and orchestrated our work very well. In my opinion, it could be useful to incorporate some sort of physical prototyping (body storming, desktop walkthrough etc.) on earlier stages. The Desktop walkthrough that we did in a last couple of days was a breakthrough, in my opinion. On the other hand, I  attribute are relative success in the scope of the brief to the strict structure of our work and clear division of it into stages. Despite it, we stumbled a little bit because some sessions were practically lost thanks to the external factors we had no power over. On the sessions themselves the  discipline was good enough, but it could be even better, in which case we could do more in the same amount of time. Deadlines were mostly respected by the members of the team and materials/reports etc. Going into this project I had mixed feelings concerning the team, precisely the amount of members in it. The maximum team members I’ve had before was 4 and I perceive myself more of an individualist when it comes to working. So I was quite anxious about having to compromise and cooperate with 6 other people. And I have to admit it was hard at first for me to adjust to other members’ ways of working and expressing their ideas, but with time I  got more and more comfortable with the team, we’ve found our flow  — much thanks to Ksenia’s brilliant leadership skills and every member’s desire to contribute — and went head and shoulders into the work. I don’t think I’ve ever produced such solid research documentation and analysis in such a short period of time. Many of the techniques I’ve learned I will continue to use in the future, seeing as I’ve already used the profiling method for the Brand project with Stepa. I think this short and intense project was exactly what I needed to get more out of limits built by myself: fears of teamwork and cooperative contribution. I do want to especially recognize Ksenia’s steel balls for putting up with us and guiding us to the right tracks. As well as every member’s input and efforts  — at  the  end it was a pleasure to work with this team in the scope of this project. It changed a lot of the views I had on group works, leadership and other people’s potentials. At the very beginning of a project, I  was very worried about the lineup of the  team: I never worked with two team members, and our leader scared me a little with her hyper responsibility. But now, when the  project is finished, I understand that it was almost an ideal experience of teamwork for me. All members of the team are working smoothly and were doing their best, the leader assigns roles and taking into account the wishes of each of us, and the team in turn tries not to screw up and perform all what we’ve promised. Yes, I will not hide the fact that at the beginning of a project the team of such a large number of people irritated me and scared at the same time, because I always have a fear that I will let the team down or that other members will treat the project differently from me. But for me it was a great experience in terms of team support (when I got sick, for example, the team still tried to bring me up to  date, explain some points and give the opportunity to do something useful for the team) and work under a clear guidance in the design process. I liked the fact that the team works very effectively together, that each member can express themselves in something and speak on any occasion as all our opinions are valuable. At  the end of the project, I still have a little fear that I didn’t do enough for the team, as I missed three days of hard work during my illness. But I tried to do my best and compensate for it by working at home and then participating in the life of the team. In General, I consider myself a person who does not know how to work under someone’s leadership, but this time I did not feel much pressure and therefore it was easier to work than I expected. I hope I will have an opportunity to work with those people again! Within the framework of this project, it was necessary to make a  deep multidirectional primary and secondary research and use different creative methodic, but the project was headed by team work. The  team consisted of 7 people. In  order to  organize and increase the productivity of such a  number of people, it was necessary to appoint the  chief, and also partially differentiate the duties of the  team members. Based on personal experience, our teamwork, although it was not perfect, however, was at a high enough level, in my opinion due to the organization and competence of our head Ksenia. In the course of numerous general discussions, its leadership has allowed us to avoid significant losses of time and unpromising wanderings. The  distribution of responsibilities, scheduling meetings and stages of research and idea development, as well as setting specific tasks and outlining possible directions on the way to the goal, all these components were organized at a high level, it also concerns the creation of a permanent motivational background that sets the  mood of teamwork. Despite certain difficulties and obstacles related to the complexity of the chosen topic, delays in the cooperation of information caused by objective reasons or other factors, for example, my lack of professionalism regarding the deadlines set, the project was successful, without any irreversible timing. The team members showed themselves accordingly, showing respect and understanding for each other, each was in conditions in which he could express his point of view and be heard, which ultimately, during the  discussion, allowed the  team to come to a compromise or solidarity regarding questions posed. In my opinion, this experience allowed us to better understand and feel the importance of harmonious and harmonious teamwork, especially in the context of a relatively large team. The design team for work on this project was chosen spontaneously. Who came on the first day of study, those people were united in one group. Our team consisted of seven people, seven different personalities, each of us was good in our way. As during this project we needed to  work as a professional design team, we designated roles in our group. In my opinion, our team leader was perfect. From the very beginning, team leader (Ksenia) chose the tactics on which we worked. There were established dates for different stages of work. In my opinion, most of the team members have been very involved from the very beginning of the project. Though periodically we delayed terms of delivery of the duties it to us did not prevent to conduct excellent research. Sometimes our views and opinions were different and because of these disputes in the group were born, yet they lasted not long. Arguments well influenced us as we had more topics to discuss and ideas to get inspired from. However, work in a big team affected the results. The problem of  missing deadlines led us to the fact that the final topic was revealed very late and we had a small amount of time to create the design solution. Dmitrii 101 I think that as a team we performed well. Every team member contributed to the project when we had separated tasks and everyone showed the level of responsibility and professionalism. Regarding team work I think that we managed to collaborate with each other like if we were a professional design team, we used different techniques for brainstorming, ideation and idea development which were based on a deep research we conducted in previous stage. Obviously, our working process did not flow perfectly, we had some problems with time management since we finished almost all the tasks with 1 day delay from assigned deadlines. Also, since we have chosen quite a complex topic , which would require conducting deep research into multiple areas that are specific, we did not manage to make any “rendered” outcome, because as we tested different scenarios, we kept finding new problems which we could possibly find a solution for by conducting more research that we were not able to do due to time constraints.