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market offering. the analysis of the manufacturers research RESEARCH STAGE The width able to ignore personal belongings. EvolV is claimed to have features similar to Metor6M and beyond it. The hight This parameter is important for  the  frame-like construction and it floats slightly over meters for the most examples that the group has researched, with the only outlier being Metor6m by Rapiscan Systems, which is 2.5 meters high. The depth The depth of the installed detector can hugely affect both perception and intimidation level and convenience of the installation process. The lowest depth across the board belongs to the SmartScan products  — only 41  cm. The bulkiest one depth-wise is EvolV’s system, 188 cm, with other detectors being in a range from 58 to 70 cm. Construction type Almost all detectors presented in the table are firmly fixed and are not easily transportable or physically Detection zones Most of the modern Metal Detectors have at very least 2 detection zones. The only single-zone detector in this research is Pautina, and the  only two-zone one is SmartScan A2SE  — the cheapest in the SmartScan product range. The highest number of detection zones is 18 in the most expensive SmartScan detector. In  general, its normal that within the  product range of one manufacturer detectors with higher number of zones are significantly more expensive. Modes Yet again, on example of SmartScan we can see that cheaper product has less modes  — only 7 in comparison to up to 26 in the expensive one. Its not true for the comparison between the  manufacturers, though  — the  most expensive detector in this research that can be easily obtained (Metor6M) only has 14 while cheap Russian BlockPost PC Z-600 has 72. Selective settings Not all manufacturers provide this information. Kordon S1 is claimed to  have different sensitivity settings set individually for each of 6 zones, but an expensive Metor6M claimed to be made from either plastic, or material is unspecified. Additional information Sound For all metal detectors manufacturer either confirms the presence of the Sound alarm or don’t specify it at all. Kordon S1 has 3 levels of volume and 3 levels of sound duration. Visual indication Just like with the sound, the presence of such feature either confirmed or not specified at all. Bandwidths The standard peek bandwidth for the listed detectors is 60. Its only 50 for the fancy Metor6m, though. Operating temperatures Detectors that operate in coldest conditions are Arka (up to -30°) and cheap SmartScan A2SE (-35°). The only two devices that has rather low heat resistance are Arka and EvolV (both will stop working when the air will go over 40 degrees). Material Two detectors are made of hardened aluminum (Garrett PD6500) and an unspecified metal (Metor 6M). The  rest of the listed hardware is The Metal detectors’ width are usually 76 cm width CEIA’s minimal width at  72 cm and X-scan’s Kordon S1 being 70 cm. CEIA’s maximum width, though, goes as far as to 82 cm, same for SmartScan C18. The widest Metal detectors are Pautina-N2-1 — from 80 to 160 cm, — and EvolV Technology’s solution which is 142 cm wide. adjustable. The only two modular ones are Pautina and Kordon S1. Kordon S1 has the best description, and it’s mentioned to have little to no restriction on placement (which is a  huge competitive advantage, since a lot of models have to be installed not closer than in 50-70 centimeters from each other. Also, Kordon S1 can be equipped with the people counter. Summary Most of the walk-through Metal detectors are roughly equal, with the  Hight slightly above 200 centimeters, width of 75-82 cm and depth of 60-70 cm. There is no clear correlation between their specs and their price, the more expensive ones might be of a higher quality and be more effective, but we don’t have data to back it up. Two of the most standing out systems are Pautina and EvolV. In  the case of Pautina, it’s clear that the manufacturers sacrificed safety for convinence, but, yet again, it is unclear how much safety this solution lacks in comparison to the standard Walk-through detectors. EvolV claims to have increased convinience and safety (though there are, again, no data to back it up) with what appears to be much higher price tag. While we don’t have actual statistics  on how the price of  the  device affects it’s safety, its r e a s o n a b l e to  assume that the diminishing returns are huge and will surpass 80-20 ratio. Since the role of  Frame Operator is  huge, it might be wise to invest in his training rather than more expensive frame.