Portfolio. BHSAD Creative Processes | L4, 1st semester - Page 22

22 23 Briefing Portrait of the research participant The basic instructions were given inside Day 1. PICK TWO AND HATCH the folders. The verbal briefing was pretty external. The information about the goals of the project was not provided ADULT. Between 18 and 35 WOMEN EITHER years old. WITH REGULAR VISION, given rules were: PICK FOUR AND STICK • Make it as you understood. There is no wrong answer. OR WITH LOWER VISION ABILITY. as well. The only rules Day 2. HAS Visually impaired REGULAR respondents are PAID JOB. • Try to be honest. Day 3. • Have fun! CHOOSE ONE AND TWO It was a part of research to see how people, preferable. who have almost no information about INTERESTED the project and no IN FASHION. relations with design, will perceive the task, and how precise they will be. Day 4. PICK THREE RANDOMLY