Portfolio. BHSAD Creative Processes | L4, 1st semester - Page 14

14 15 Color perception of blind people Some people whose blindness is acquired refer to color in the same way as people with normal vision. For others who have never seen color refer to it through associations and the construction of various concepts such as fire is red and danger, water is blue and calm. Many blind people perceive their blindness as a simple physical problem. And in no case do they perceive it as a hindrance to their own personal activities. ESREF ARMAGAN SONOCHROMATIC was born with one RECORD is a series eye the size of a lentil of scratched and and the other, though damaged vinyls that almost fully formed, Neil Harbisson has totally non-functional. transpose the sound He uses the personal of each track into method of color color. perception to draw with oil paints. http://esrefarmagan.com https://www.saatchiart.com